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.:About Me, tho~:.
Hi there! c:

What brings you here to the bowels of the internet that is also known as my dA?
Please call me Hazel! I'm a dorkette who lives in Florida. I think I'm about as awkward as they come.

[FanFiction, DeviantArt and YouTube; Hazelstiltskin.]

Please, feel free to say hello (I don't bite, I promise!).

My heaviest fandom obsessions are over Sgt. Frog, xxxHolic, BBC Sherlock, Pokemon, Blue Exorcist, MLP:FiM, Homestar Runner, WtNV, AoT/SnK, and Hetalia. Warriors is squeezed in there somewhere. u v u


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My god, I literally would do anything just for a pack of them right now lol
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  • Listening to: Skype calls
  • Reading: TFiOS
  • Watching: The Office, mang
  • Playing: PSOI&II
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Hawkfrost by hazelstiltskin
I'm trying to kickstart an artsy mood but I can't bring myself quite there. x'D Have some Hawkfrost!
Adallion by hazelstiltskin
So Adalrik the stoat was a contest prize, and when I received him he had three colorful stripes on his back. I wasn't entirely sure how to tie these into his backstory... until tonight, with the aid of :iconpandadiepie:, some whole year later (ohjesusit'sfiveamrn).

The stripes on Adalrik's back represent Paavali Johansson's spirit, social and inner animals. The blue stripe represents an owl, Paavali's inner animal; the green stripe represents a snake, Paavali's social animal; the red stripe represents a lion, Paavali's spirit animal.

Now, who the heckie is Paavali Johansson?
Paavali is a twenty-five-year-old who is camping in Germany when Adalrik stumbles upon him. Exactly how the following happens is yet to be decided, but Adalrik interrupts the fragile harmony between these animals and their assigned human and manages to lodge all three of the animals into his body. What a doozie. Fortunately for Adalrik, these spirit animals scarcely show themselves in the first place, but when they do Adalrik's body is forced to undergo a change so that he can properly represent the spirits that take possession of his body; he morphs into a halfway point between a stoat and whichever of the three animals is attempting to appear to Paavali.

So, here we have Adallion, the stoat-lion!
He may look intimidating here, but I assure you that he is only about four feet tall at the shoulder. He's just a lil' dog.

(He can still raise hell, though)
Some Orikeros by hazelstiltskin
Some Orikeros
Keroro is way too precious for me to drop as an all-time favorite or get bored of pffghsalkdfas

I've never actually compiled all of the Orikeros I've created into one batch, so here's six of them (there's one more, but I couldn't squeeze him on). c:

Arara's name is probably going to be changed in the near future. It sounds like somebody trying to speak while chewing on marbles. xD

None of these babes have solid backstories yet because most of them are relatively new except for Hari and Lumi, whose existing backstories reek of Mary Sue from at least three miles away. Lumi is the worst, though. There was canon-OC shipping involved in her backstory. //shudder
Fur Test by hazelstiltskin
Fur Test
So going into this I was like, "Ha, I've worked with fur before! I think I remember this! I won't even bother looking at a tutorial or anything!"

Coming out of this I'm like, "Why, w h y did I not look into how to actually do this fur thing o m g--"

I needa hop on my realism game, yo. Gotta do that studyin' for the artsy stuffs.
My god, I literally would do anything just for a pack of them right now lol
  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: Skype calls
  • Reading: TFiOS
  • Watching: The Office, mang
  • Playing: PSOI&II
  • Eating: N O TH ING DAM MIT
  • Drinking: Water

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I hope I'm not bothering you and I'm sure you get asked this alot- but as a fellow animator, I would like to ask what you use to get all the nice effects in your animations.

Pardon, I've been a fan of them on YouTube for quite a while now and have been meaning to ask, considering I animate Hetalia things myself...
gliTChBOXX Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch.
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ayy sup Hazel you probably won't remember me?? but i knew you on FeralHeart, i was APHetaliaPasta~ ;v; if you don't remember i totally wouldn't blame you, that was ages ago hahah so
also i thought i had you watched on here long ago but apparently not?? fixed that though uvu
but how ya been dude?? o: i still keep up on your animations on Youtube, and you're fantastic!! ;w;
LunaBluex Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
I don't think you remember me, but I was Moonpaw/Moonfeather from Rise Of The Clans, and I DEFINITELY miss that roleplay. And I was Nighty as well. Well, I forgot what I was going to say so, yeah, buh-bye.
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Thank you so much for the watch!
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